Behind the Blog: New Content

Since I have been blogging about hair for six years I sometimes find myself struggling to create new content. I'm at a point in my blogging where I think I've covered it all: hair care routine, struggles, product reviews, etc, etc, etc. All the ideas I think of I feel I have already written about. And even if I know that most of my readers haven't been reading the blog for six years I do know that you can search for topics or look at different labels to find the post that interest you. So I'm in somewhat of a blogging rut. Thinking about how I can move forward without repeating the same thing over and over and over. Blogging is about creating content for myself and others, it's about sharing experiences and helping others.

Just like everything else blogging has it's highs and lows. That's why I've decided to go on a hiatus in July to recharge my batteries and find new inspiration. To plan the next step for the blog, to figure out where it all is going. Maybe it's coming to an end or maybe it's about to become something new... All I know is there needs to be growth/change.

On August 1st I'll be back, have a lovely month of July! 

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