Seinabo Sey Grammis 2016

There aren't many moments in Swedish history when I feel immense pride. Watching Seinabo Sey's performance at the Swedish music award show Grammisgalan was one of the few. Seinabo Sey is one of Sweden's most talented singers who is also known for being unapologetically herself. For her Grammisgalan performance which was the closing performance of the evening she decided wear hair hair natural and big when she to filled the stage with 130 Swedish black women. Never have I seen anything like this in Sweden. Just thinking about it makes me emotional. She filled the stage with black women dressed in black standing with serious faces. At the end the women grabbed each other's hands. It was ahh-mazing.

Growing up as a black girl in Sweden I hardly ever saw people that looked like me on TV, especially not people that looked like me in Sweden. But a lot has changed since I was a child and today my kids can watch children's shows and a huge Swedish award show and see themselves represented. This is huge! To be able to show this to my daughter almost made me cry. As she grows from black girlhood into black womanhood I want her to know that she's not alone, that's what this performance along with so many other things has shown her.

The black community in Sweden has really been coming together over the last couple of years. And it seems 2016 will only bring more unity, more standing our ground and more self love. I'm grateful for Seinabo Sey who had the idea for this performance and for all my beautiful sisters that stood there together with pride in unity. Well done!

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