Review: A Comb & A Brush

If you have been reading this blog for a long time you already know that I don't use brushes and rarely use a comb in my hair. I love using my fingers to detangle my hair. Some months ago I was sent a package from Core Radiance with lots of goodies. Among these was a wide paddle brush and a seamless wide tooth comb.

The brush
In all honesty brushes are not my thing. I struggled to find uses for it. I think I'll revisit it when I flat iron my hair then it'll be the perfect tool to smooth my hair before I wrap it at night. 
A few times I used the brush to smooth down my edges when I was putting my hair in a bun. It worked well but I still prefer my fingers. One pro with it is that the bristles are seamless, this minimizes the risk of your hair getting caught and breaking while brushing. 

The comb
To give a honest review I've taken time to explore the uses of this comb. I had seen Lovette (Lovette's House of Style) and Lydia (So Nappy & Kinky) review this comb and love it. And I Love Natural Hair carry a similar one and rave about it as well. I wasn't sure I'd like it though because I'm not a big comb fan. But oh my! This comb is something else. Detangling is half the time it is when I finger detangle. I really didn't expect that it would take on my hair so well. I always start at the ends working my way towards the root of the hair working in sections. My hair is always wet/damp with either coconut oil or conditioner added to make sure there is lots of slip when I detangle. And this comb just works its way through the hair so easily. I think I've heard snapping (that sound your hair makes when the strands break off) twice in the past months. The breaking of the hair strands when detangling can become a huge issue when trying to maintain hair health and length, and is one of the reasons I've preferred finger detangling. But because the comb is seamless the hair doesn't get caught in the seams of the comb and break either.

I've tried the comb on my hair and my daughter's hair (she has a looser curl pattern than me) and it works great in her hair too. It does cut the detangling time in half. 
So to sum it up, if you hate detangling and want to invest in a new comb get this one, you won't regret it. It really seems to work well on all curl patterns. 

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