Hair Consultation Update: Samira

A few months ago I randomly choose four ladies to receive free healthy hair consultations. Now it's time for an update. First out is Samira. 

Have you noticed any change in your hair since the consultation? 
My hair is softer and easier to care for as I have changed some products and wash my hair three times a week. 

What have you changed in your routine since the consultation? 
I used to let my hair dry in a wash & go but now I twist it every time I wash it and sleep with the twists. I massage an oil into my hair once a week and it feels like my hair has grown a bit. 

You used the words "frizzy," "unmanageable" and "big" to describe your hair. Would you still use these words? 
No, not since I twist my hair. 

You mentioned that you didn't trim your ends regularly. Have you given your hair a trim since the consultation? 
Since we spoke I've given my hair a trim twice.

Samira recently started her own blog. Check it out!

If you are having trouble with achieving your healthy hair goals, book a healthy hair consultation to receive help in creating a personalized healthy hair routine. 

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