My Beautiful People

The beautiful Zozo and Sade
There are many people that I meet that inspire me and keep me going. My friend Zozo is one of them. We have very interesting conversations when we spend time together (which is less often than I would wish) which always leave me feeling energized and hopeful. Zozo has started this amazing project which I want to share with you. Please follow her "My Beautiful People" on social media. 

Maybe you will be the next beautiful person that she meets.

Please introduce yourself! 
My name is Zozo Mposula, originally South African I've been living in Denmark for 15 years.
Tell us about "My Beautiful People"!
MBP is platform for people of colour living in Denmark and other European countries. Where they can view images of others like them that we hardly see in the media. See the diversity that is us, the beauty and celebrate that. It is also my hope that it will also grow into a platform where we can read about ground breakers, entrepreneurs, doctors, educators, artists, health givers, you name it, who are doing well in their respective fields. Take inspiration from them and do well in our chosen paths.

There are so many dreams with MBP but for now I will do what I enjoy the most, which is taking pictures of all the lovely people I come across.

How did you come up with the idea for "My Beautiful People"?
My Beautiful People began after several attempts of blogging about natural hair. I asked my friend from Hair of Heritage if I could take street picture of people colour for her blog. She obliged to my request. After several pictures posted on the blog, this urge to document the beauty and diversity I come across daily grew bigger and stronger.
One day I just decided, hey, why not start a Facebook page where I could post whatever street photography images I take. The name MBP came after re-reading Steven Biko - "I write what I like" about black conscious and self- empowerment of the black people of South Africa during the apartheid years.
Another inspiration was after perusing several blogs, to name one: Afro Punk. I love how you see all these beautiful people, so diverse and proud of who they are. We still need something like that in Denmark.

What do you hope to achieve with "My Beautiful People"?
Like I said, I have many hopes for MBP but one of them is the hope that it can be turned into a book . Why a book? How often do you peruse around a Danish library and come across a book filled with images of people pf colour without any of those stereotypical references or connotations that are historically loaded. For an example Den lille sorte Sambo. How do people react when you ask to take their picture? 
Most of the time I meet people who are flattered by my request. Some are very skeptical, where as some get very suspicious: "Why do you want my photo, what are you going to do with it?" So business cards are an ice-breaker and makes the whole thing legitimate.

Do you ever see someone and wish you had your camera when you don't?
Believe me, it is often when I do not have my camera with me that I see someone divine and think, "Ah! she is amazing , quirky or just simply different." These are the people I need to show more. To give a broader picture of .We cannot be fit into a box , we are not one thing.
Which is the one picture you've taken that means the most to you? 
It is the most precious because before I asked if I could take a picture, I started by completing her beaded necklace around her head. This was a conversation starter. I told her where I was from and we just continued from there. I was really nervous but decided to just ask her if I could take a picture of her. She obliged, from there onward I learnt to just "face the fear and do it anyways." I still get nervous.

Where can we find you online?
My beautiful people on 

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