Ten Tips for Styling Toddlers

The youngest family members are sometimes the hardest to inspire when I comes to hair care. They don't want to do anything that they perceive as boring, especially when it can be painful like hair care sometimes is (detangling!). If you have a toddler you know exactly what I mean. So here are some tips to get you through your hair care sessions.

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1) Distraction 
Though this may not last for long it usuall works well for a while. Have a special box of toys that he or she only gets to play with during hair care. Or a movie, book, etc. 

2) Bribe
I'm not a fan of bribing my kids myself, but at times desperate times call for desperate measures. Give your child something they don't usually get it can be good like candy or perhaps your phone to play with. 

3) Take Breaks
Hair care may have to be kind of a full day event. Maybe you set aside one day a week when you stay home and care for your child's hair. During the breaks you can clean or cook or play before you resume hair care. 

4) Pick Easy Styles
Don't attempt very intricate hair styles if your child doesn't like sitting still. Try to find styles that are easy to do and fairly quick. 

5) Long Lasting
Also, try to pick a style that will stay well in the hair for many days up to a week. This way you don't have to do hair care sessions too frequently. 

6) Play
It may work well to play as you are styling your child's hair or sing a special song. Toddlers usually will do what you want when you "play them through" the activity. 

7) Take Turns
If your child wants to comb your hair as well take turns to comb each other's hair. I know you may not love your new hair style, but sometimes by seeing mommy or daddy doing something our little ones let us do the same to them. 

8) Let Them Pick
If you have a child that likes making his or her own choices let them pick their hair accessories or a style. Keep in mind that small children generally don't do well with  many choices so offer only two or three. Find nice hair accessories or print out pictures for him or her to choose from. 

9) Minimize Pain
You want your child to enjoy hair care so make sure it doesn't hurt. Always wet your child's hair before any type of manipulation. If you are detangling your child's hair find a product that helps by having a lot of slip. Work in sections, starting at the ends of the hair working your way toward the scalp with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. 

10) Patience
It's easy to get frustrated when it comes to hair care for kids, but breathe! As they grow older they understand more and you can explain why hair care is important. If you don't get a style done before bed time see if you can finish it while your child is asleep. Try to find ways to make everything work for you and your child. Hair care is supposed to be fun, if you find yourself getting too frustrated do something else for a while. Or ask your partner or a friend to do your child's hair. 

What are your best tips for caring for toddler hair? 

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