My Do: Color, pt 1

The last time I used box color on my hair was in 2010 I think. Before that I used to color my hair all the time; at least every three months. I remember people asking me if my hair didn't suffer since I colored it all the time, but I used to love the way my hair felt after coloring. Now I know of course that it was the conditioner that comes with the color that made my hair feel great.

I bought this color almost three months ago but haven't felt like I had time to color my hair (yes, I was scared). I choose a L'Oreal box color because during all my years of coloring I tried lots of different brands and L'Oreal was the only brand that I felt worked on my hair. I originally wanted to get a regular coloring kit but when I was at the department store looking at all the box colors the Ombré ones just called to me. Trying something new. It was a hard time choosing but I eventually choose by looking at the test swatch on the box where they show you before and after. I always look at those since they give you an idea of what your final result will look like. I know from experience however that the color never comes out exactly as it is on the box. But since the model on the box has dark brown hair I figured it would work pretty well on my dark brown curls.

The box came with the coloring kit (bleaching kit) and this special brush. I wasn't sure if the brush would actually work to distribute the color in my hair but I tried to brush through my hair with it and decided to give it a try. 

The first thing I did was to wash my hair in the morning and let it dry without any products. Then I combed through my hair. (Yes, I combed it dry. No, I never  comb my hair dry but the instructions sad to apply on clean dry hair.) I then sectioned my hair into four on each side to make it easier to apply the product evenly. 

After mixing the color according to the instructions I used the brush to apply the color. Unfortunately I have no pics of this because I was home alone and didn't want to get hair color on my phone. But I was really content with how easy it was to apply the product to my hair. And the thickness of the product made it a no mess experience. I had prepared with old  tee and towel but there was literally no dripping due to the brush application technique.

After applying color to each section I twisted the section up and moved on. I started with the top of my hair first as I wanted it to be the part that got most of the color. I was actually surprised when I was done with all the sections and I had plenty of color left in the applicator bottle. So I'd say this coloring kit will work well for longer and thicker hair then mine. 

The picture above shows my hair right before I rinsed out the color. The instructions said to leave the product in your hair between 25-45 minutes. I left it in 45 minutes - not counting the 20 minutes it took to apply the product. After rinsing the color out I used the conditioner that came with the kit - though I have no clue what the ingredients are in that product. 

Towel dried hair.
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