My Do: Summer Go-To Styles

Summer hasn't been the best this year in Sweden. Since summer is my favorite season I've been disappointed. Luckily we started the year with three weeks of summer in Cape Town so I'm trying to stay positive. 

This year my favorite summer hair styles are: 

Wash & Go - Love being able to air dry my hair in warmer temperatures. And of course 2nd day hair and on is the best.

Bun - When the wash & go is starting to look dull or my hair has been up a lot some kind of bun is usually my choice until wash day. Buns are also the best for hot days because it gets the hair out of the way and you don't feel like you're wearing a hat.

Pineapple - My sleep style but also my go-to when I want to show off my hair but don't feel like having it out. I love the asymmetrical pineapple as well.

Pony tail - Simple, easy, quick. Do I need to say more? 

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