Meet Lioness Davis

Not sure how I found Lioness Davis but we've been stalking each other's social media pages for a while. Since I'm all about building this natural hair community here in Sweden and Scandinavia I was thrilled that she agreed to be featured on the blog. Meet the stunning Lioness Davis!

Please introduce yourself!
Karen (Lioness) Davis, 
27, living in Stockholm, Azelias Mother (soon two years old) and I'm a blogger, youtuber (Lioness Davis), hair fanatic and a makeup lover.

Why did you start blogging? Why hair? 
I started blogging because I originally came from a family company that sold hair and Cosmetics to woman of color.
When I found my wings and went to university, I still had the urge to continue my love for hair and all that comes with it. So I put up a plan and started a new blog and that was when I launched, that was also around that time I decided to start my natural hair journey. 
I chose to start blogging about hair because I saw a lack of that within the Swedish blogging society but also to answer all questions the customers/friends asked me from time to time. 
As a woman of color hair has always been a huge part of my life so I really feel empty without it. So to answer your question I'm just doing what Is a huge part of my life & culture. 

What do you love about your hair?
I love that my hair is very thick and versatile. I love that I can be who I want to be.

What's your advice for someone who wants to go natural?
My advice would be to eat healthy and drink water everyday. But also to take in as much information as you possibly can before going natural and don't forget to MOISTURIZE your hair haha!

List your favorite products and why.

Water- Because it can not only MOISTURIZE but it can solve issues like knots and just give your hair life on a bad day. 

Raw shea butter - is amazing because it really makes my hair soft, seals in moisture and helps you get really defined twist outs. 

Tresemme natural conditioners- make our hair super soft and work great as leave in with a little water. 

Curls unleashed sulfate free Shampoo- 
My hair loves this shampoo, no itchy or dry scalp and it leaves my hair really clean with out drying it out. I love that my hair has life after wash day thanks to it.

What's the craziest comment you've received in regards to your hair? 
Do you ever hide things in your hair.

Where can we find you online? 
I have a youtube channel: 

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