My Do: Marley Twist Update

So far my Marley Twist experience has been positive. Though I personally like the look of Senegalese twists better, I've had a much better experience with these Marley Twists. I'm very happy with the length, even though they are heavy when I wear them up. I also like that they are supposed to look a bit more frizzy than Senegalese twists which makes it less obvious when my natural hair has frizzed up.

My plan was to wait as long as I could stand to wash my hair 'cause I knew washing my hair means frizz. Well it's been three weeks and I haven't washed my hair! I started by spritzing my scalp with Anita Grant Ylang-Ylang Floral Water daily which kept the itchiness at bay. A review is on it's way! When my sample got done I switched to a simple water and peppermint essential oil mixture which I put in a spray bottle. Peppermint oil has lots of benefits on natural hair, one of them being balancing the scalp's pH. I was actually surprised that it worked as well as it. 
For the length of my hair I used refusal water and spritzed it every morning for moisture.

At bed time I've wrapped my hair in my silk scarf. First I bun the twists on top of my head and then I wrap. This is most comfortable to me and it stays well during most nights. 

One problem I've had with the Marley twists that I had with the Senegalese twists as well was unraveling. :( It has of course to do with my twisting technique which needs perfecting. So I've had to re-twist or partly re-twists some twists here and there. 

It's been three weeks, so we'll see how much longer I'll keep them in. It has been nice to get a break from my loose hair which I actually don't miss! 

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