Two Years Loced Up

Time flies! I can remember when Silver-Straw was talking about starting locs and now he has passed his two year anniversary! Read about his journey here: Journey to Loc and Happy Nattyversary!

Two year anniversary, how do you feel about your hair?
I feel great about it! Still can't believe I didn't start the journey earlier.

What is your current hair care routine? Cleansing, re-twisting, etc. Has anything changed?
I think I've become more lazy :-) I haven't cleansed in a while and I only retwist/intertwine when it's necessary. But I still wash once a week, and moisturize with my daily live-in spray that now only consists of a natural oil and water.

Have you bumped into any hurdles along the way, if so what?
I dry and itchy scalp whenever I've forgot or not been able to use my daily spray. And that re-twisting your own locs is a pain in the ass and shoulder, so I only intertwine now.

Back view
Is having locs what you expected before you got them?
Definitely! I really feel like my true self on the outside as within. 

Which kind of feedback have you been receiving now that your hair is locked? 
Well I've had them for a while now, so those that know me have already put in their 2 cents. So I don't really get feedback nowadays :-(

What is your loc goal? Has it changed?
Nah, it's the same goal; to grow them long enough so that I can't try different undo styles.

Now that you have some length have you tried any styles?
I've only tried one style thus far, and that's the one in the picture.

Do you feel you get a different kind of attention from people now that you have locs? 
I think so, but I don't think it directly has to do with me just sporting locs, but more about the way I carry myself as my appearance reflects what's under the hair.

Where do you find your loc inspiration? 
Everywhere! Now that I have locs I seem to see them everywhere, on my daily commute and in the media. So the inspiration is all around me.

Baby locs - One Year - Two Years 
Thank you for updating us! Best of luck with your continued loc journey!
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