My Do: Marley Twists

I've been a bit uninvolved when it comes to my hair lately. So I decided I needed a break from my loose hair and finally use the hair my friend sent me from London in like August. The weather has been crappy this weekend (we had our first snow, and then a full day of pouring rain!) so I decided it was perfect for watching Netflix and twisting my hair. Last year I did Senegalese twists (sorry, can't find the initial post I did on them!) which I really liked. But they were so long, so many and so heavy. So I decided to do bigger parts for my Marley twists which turns out was a good choice 'cause I almost ran out of hair! I used four packs of "Natural Kinky Braid by LoMe" color M4/30 braiding hair for this style.

First I prepped my hair by washing (I did an ACV rinse as well) and DCing it. I also trimmed my ends which I can't remember when I did last and have been putting off for months. My original plan wasn't to install Marley twists, I was going to do a flat twist updo. But turns out it's been so long I my fingers have forgotten how to flat twist! So I decided to wash my braiding hair. I saw a YT clip by Black Women Hair about washing your braiding hair before you use it so I decided I should, hopefully my scalp will be less itchy. 

Then I kinda on a whim (it was already evening by this time) to start twisting, so I did. I used the same technique as I did when installing my Senegalese twists. I used two "chunks" of hair for each twist. I didn't want them very skinny, but I didn't want them very thick either, so I'm happy. I did not comb the two chunks to merge them together before installing them, I just twisted away as they were. 

Before attaching the braiding hair I sprayed my hair with water, combed through tthe hair so it was perfectly detangling, added som Original Moxie Lux Locks and then some Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I choose both these products 'cause they work well with my hair for hold and moisture. When I did my Senegalese Twists I only used the KC Curling Custard, but I wanted to see if my results would be different with this combo. 

All and all I'm guessing it took me around 7 to 8 hours to do the twists. I started one evening and finished the next day. I also took lots of breaks and had snacks and did all kinds of stuff in between. I'm not a fast twister, I'm still getting used to the technique. But I think I've gotten the hang of it now. 

I'll update you more on my care regime as time goes by. My plan is different than when I had my Senegalese twists. 
I hope I'll keep this style in for four weeks, but I'll settle for two (I know how I get sometimes).

I've watched lots of YT clips on this style, but I like this one by NiftyKeisha because it covers everything!


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