Christmas Wish List 2013


Dear Santa, 
I think I've been a good human this year so once again I'm sending you a list of my (hair related) wishes. :)

* Better Than Good Hair by Curly Nikki - Been longing to read this book since I first heard about it!

* TGIN Hair Care Line - I am well aware that I'm a product junkie and have lots of products. But I so want to try this line of products!

* A Steamer - Yes, still want one, and my hair could need the moisture boost!

* Satin Pillow Case or a Pillow Bonnet - I'm so bad at wrapping my hair at night so a pillow case would be very helpful and good for my hair,preferably white. 

* Afro Pick - Yes, Santa, I'm the only naturalista out there without one! I'd prefer a seamless one in plastic please. 

* Afros - A coffee table book celebrating natural hair. I would love to have this book in my house! Not only for friends to look in when they are here,but also the children that pass through our home.

Thank you! 

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