The Cape Town Meet Up

We're not really vampires, it just looks like it ;)
On August 26th Kavuli (from Good Hair Diaries) and I hosted a meet up in Cape Town. Fifteen women came out to attend the event. The focus was on hair in general, everyone was welcome!

We met at Neighborhood on Long St for drinks and food, and of course lots of laughs. It's quite amazing how fifteen women who've never met before can have so much fun together. 

We started the evening talking about Miley Cyrus (this was Kavuli's unplanned ice breaker, lol) and continued to exchange hair thoughts and ideas. We talked about everything from weaves to relaxers to locs, from children to adult women. What I noticed was that most women longed for the same thing; a salon that would cater to their healthy hair needs and products to maintain a healthy hair regimen. You'd think that these things would be available already in a country like South Africa, but they are not. We still have a long way to go. 

We were also thrilled to have a sponsored giveaway by Sheabutter Cottage and handed over some yummie goodies to four of the lovely ladies that attended. Thank you Sheabutter Cottage!! :) 

All and all the meet up was a success and Kavuli will make it happen again. So if you are in Cape Town and missed out this time, don't worry, more will come. ;)  

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