Beautiful Hair - A Short Film

Just saw this posted in the Scandinavian Naturals Facebook Group. It left me kind of overwhelmed by emotions. This is something I think most women (and men) of color can relate to, the image of beauty not being a reflection of oneself. This is why I think Follicle is such an important film (have you donated yet?) and why the natural hair community is so important to me. Like many others all over the world I grew up not wanting to look the way I looked, not wanting to have the hair I had. The images of beauty all around me looked nothing like me, from people on TV to my dolls to Swedish society, almost no one looked like me. And my hair was always a big "issue," a problem, something negative.

We need to change this for our children! It makes me so sad to think that there are little boys and girls all over the world right now who don't love the brown skin and kinks/curls that they were born with.

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