Review: Stay On Satin Bonnet

My hair is growing and growing, and that small bonnet I used to wear when my hair was in a TWA doesn't work anymore. Even my Sue Maesta hooded headband is too small, my ends keep peeping out, so with my latest Curly Emporium (British Curlies) order I decided to try something new. I choose this bonnet because it was for lover hair and that it covers the entire length of the hair as well as the ends. I've used this for most of my 30 day challenge in July and have a good feel for it by now.

What I like about this product is that it covers my ends like I already told you. It stays on fairly well, I kriss cross it in the back and tie it in a knot on top of my head. It had to be put on properly then it stays. I've had a few times when it started sliding off my head and was half way on it in the morning, but those were times were I hadn't paid much attention in putting it on (very tired days). Its also a bit of a hassle to put on when your hair is out (which is when I used this). I finally figured out that if I gathered all my hair as if to put it in a pony tail and then pull the bonnet over me head like a hat it worked out and all the hair ended up inside the bonnet. It's defiantly worth the cost (£2,99). I still prefer my silk scarf though, I think I'll just have to invest in a bigger one. 
What it looks like on

When it comes off - bonnet hair

Bonnet hair from the back

Fluffed out - good as new :)

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