My Do: Wash n Go

The other day I realized that I haven't done a post on my fav style, the wash n go. I know it's a simple style, but I thought it may be helpful to someone out there to know how I go about it. How my wash n go differs a bit from others is that I don't use a gel. I've tried using a gel for my wash n go but I find they dry too flat and crunchy and are harder to refresh.

After washing and conditioning (or deep conditioning) my hair in the shower I squeeze some of the access water out of my hair with my hands. I don't use a towel, since it causes frizz. I have on occasion used an old tee, but I find my wash n gos last longer when I apply my product on soaking hair. I section my hair into five sections when applying product. I've found that five sections work best for me since I have bangs, the last section I apply product to is the top of my head and my bangs. The other four sections are two at the nape and one on each side of my hair. I use as much product (leave in conditioner) as I feel is necessary using my fingers to distribute the product. I focus on the ends of my hair the most because they are the oldest part of the hair and need extra love. I also make sure to get a good amount of product on the hair close to the scalp as that hair easily gets missed and then frizzed up.

The necklace is from Pichulik in CT (they ship internationally)

After applying product I part my hair. I mostly wear a side part, but at times I do a centered part. Then I take a little oil on my hands and scrunch it in to the ends of my hair. If I'm going to diffuse my hair I always use grapeseed oil since it's a natural heat protectant. If I'm not diffusing I let it air dry (for hours). When my hair is dry I generally think it's too flat so I puff it out. I usually put some pomade or oil on my hands when doing this so I don't cause unnecessary frizz. I crunch and fluff, usually holding my head upside down until I feel satisfied with the result. That's it! My wash n go! :) 
How do you do your wash n gos? 

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