Welcome 2013!


    2012 has been a hectic year, both on the blog and privately, as well as out in the world. I hope 2013 will be a bit less stressful and dramatic.

    In 2012 I spent countless SEK on hair products, and I reviewed lots of products for companies, yes I'm a product junkie. So, for the new year I want to calm down with the products, partly because of my scalp issues (my scalp can't handle dealing with so many products) and partly because of my wallet. I will try to stick to my Favorite Products, and not accept offers of reviews unless the products really seem to be something I need.

    Also I'm still playing with the thought of locs, and if I'm going to commit to locs I can't be using a bunch of products anyway. So don't be looking for HoH for endless amounts of reviews in 2013. Of course I'll post reviews of products I started using in 2012, I'm kind of behind on them. I may also ask a few friends to review for HoH once in a while.

   Right now HoH has nothing big in the making. We'll just have to see where 2013 takes us.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!


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