Hair Crush: Wanuri Kahiu

I just watched this clip on Dynamic Africa that was amazing and got me thinking in a way I haven't before (I love TED Talks and the whole concept of them, I've learnt so many things from them). Wanuri Kahiu got me thinking in a way that was out of this world, but made me think like of course! :) It makes me want to see everything she creates!

And, yes, the reason why I'm typing about it here is her hair! Loved it! Don't know what to call her hair style other than cool. It makes me wish I had tighter curls so I could pull her look off, it's beautiful! And love the earrings too!!

Googling her I found she has had a diversity of styles, which I think is fab, love a girl who isn't afraid to switch it up. You know I love a woman who can rock a shaved head.

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