Senegalese Twist Maintence

This is my 400th post! Whoop, whoop! I can't wait to hit 500 and prepare something exciting for you. But for now, here's no. 400! Enjoy! 

I have been wanting to update you on my Senegalese twists, it just took some time to figure out my maintenance routine.And now as I'm posting this I'm actually taking them out... But here's what's been going on for the past weeks.

It's important to remember your natural hair and it's health while it's in a style with extensions, it's easy to neglect your hair when it's "hidden", but if you want to have healthy hair post extensions you need to show your hair the same kind of love with or without extensions.

Good night Marge Simpson!
(Just had to show that my nails happened to match my scarf, lol)
Daily routine: of course I always sleep with my hair wrapped in a silk scarf. I prefer to pineapple/bun my hair before wrapping it (hello Marge Simpson). In the mornings I spray my hair with my water/KC Knot Today mixture over the length of my natural hair in order to add moisture so the hair won't get dry and break. For my itchy scalp (this is for me the worst part about having extensions) I've been using Original Moxie Scalp Therapy (review shall come). I have not applied this on my scalp daily, I just apply it when I need itch relief. It was worst the first week, I thought I was going to go insane, but after the first wash my scalp calmed down.

Wash: I diluted some KC Come Clean with water in an old product bottle and applied it directly on my scalp in the parts between the twists. Then I massaged thoroughly and rinsed. Then I applied Original Moxie Intense Quench on the twists focusing on the part where the ends of my hair are. I gently squeezed the product in to the twists to not cause more frizz. I let it sit for a few minutes and then rinsed out. I then squeezed my hair from mid length towards the ends to get rid if some access water and then wrapped the hair in a old tee. I left it there while I got dressed.

Post wash: I took a towel and put it over my shoulders to protect my clothes from the water. Then I took my hair down and in sections applied a mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E oil. I squeezed this in to the twists as well, once again focusing on the ends. And then I let it air dry. My hair looked shiny and healthy after the coconut oil, and it is nice to know that it is healthy in between all that plastic.

One thing that I learnt after I'd already put in my extensions was that the day before braiding/twisting you can soak the hair in warm water to get rid of access chemicals in the hair that may irritate the scalp. I wish I would have known this, but now I know, thanks Queen Moreen for sharing that! Next time I will definately do that!

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