My Do: Curls Are Back

After close to four weeks of Senegalese Twists I was ready to get back to my curls! My edges, no, my whole head was frizzy and even though I managed to gel it into a semi ok look, I was done. Done with comments, done with the weight of the hair, done with the style, and ready to return to myself. It took me about 1,5 hr to take the twists out. Though my plan was to do it little by little and detangle as I go, I just took them all out first then detangled the next day. Twists are a breeze to take out! I remember the work it used to be to take out braids when I had them back in the day, twists are so quick, love it! Detangling took me about 2 hrs and ew, so much nastiness came out of my hair that I was glad I had taken them out when I did! And lots of shed hair. No, I didn't take a pic, I always think it's nasty when people take pics of their shed hair or trimmed hair. I did however take a pic of the extensions, laying like a dead animal on my floor as you can see, haha.
Frizzy edges!
I was so happy to see my curls again, and my cut that I hadn't seen much of since I twisted my hair up shortly after I got it.
I used water and coconut oil (my new obsession, I will write a post shortly!) to detangle my hair, then left it in over night, then processed to wash and condition as usual. My hair feels soft and healthy. And I have this "curls are back in town" thing going in my head (there's a song that goes "girls are back in town" or something, lol, no I'm not crazy. Ok, just a little!).

Dead Senealese Twists

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