Single Strand Knots

I've noticed lately that no, I don't have split ends (though I haven't trimmed my ends in about 9 months or so) but what I do have is single strand knots. Now when I first heard about single strand knots I didn't understand what the big deal was, because I hadn't really experienced any before. But now since I've been wearing my hair out a lot more than I ever have in my entire life I've noticed that I have a new problem: single strands knots.
At first I couldn't figure out what had brought on all these knots in my hair, but then I started thinking about what I'd did differently than before, and I am completely sure it's my love of wearing my hair out that is the culprit it this. :( My hair is pretty long now, so it touches my shoulders when it's out which makes the ends a lot drier, and if I'm wearing a scarf (which I do a lot) it makes the situation even worse. The hair that touches the scarf always gets dry and tangles a lot.

Single strand knots are basically where the hair strand forms a knot on itself.

So of course I headed online to see what I can do to prevent single strand knots and to prevent them.

Great tips on how to minimize single strand knots on Madame Noire.

So what I've decided to do is to do more updo's/protective styles (booohooo, I love my wash'n'go's!) and work more on my ends; find a better and reliable sealant, also moisturize my ends daily (I usually don't focus on the ends). I already sleep with a scarf or hood, and don't sleep on loose hair. I will try to keep my hands out of my hair (see how I said try, yeah, it's not gonne happen, I love playing with my hair, lol). As for stretched styles... I haven't really tried any, maybe I need to work more with stretched hair and see which result I get. I'm still debating if I should trim my whole hair or just snip away at the hairs with the knots on them... We'll see.

This vid by AfricanExport is pretty short (comparing to others on the topic) and gives insight.

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