30 Day Challange: Bentonite Clay Review

Clay to clean your hair? Come on, sounds crazy, right? Lol!
It's been one month and 5 washes with Bentonite Clay later and I think I know how I feel about cleansing my hair with Bentonite Clay.

It's not without reason that the natural hair online community is raving about the cleansing effects of Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay works very well as a cleanser. My scalp hasn't felt this good in months. I've been alternating with mixing it with water and apple cider vinegar.

My recipe:
3/4 Bentonite Clay
Water or ACV until a thick batter, stir as smooth as possible

Pros's: My scalp feel clean for a week and no itching. And my hair feels great! Not stripped or anything, just clean. I even skipped conditioning post Bentonite Clay once to see what happened, and I can't say it hurt my hair much. I think I'll resort to that in summer and go straight to leave in post wash.

Con's: It's quite messy and time consuming. It is a mud wash so it splashes and gets everywhere! I learnt the hard way to sit down in the bath tub when applying. For best results you should leave it in your hair about 20min which is quite a bit of time. I tried to apply and rinse it out right away but I didn't think my hair felt as great as when I left it in for 20min.

To sum it up: I love Bentonite Clay washes! I will use it every other wash or once a month of a deep cleanse mixed with ACV. I will definitely purchase more when I'm done (still have a lot left since I bought 500g). And I'd without a doubt recommend it to anyone who wants to go more natural and doesn't mind wash day taking a bit longer than usual. :)

Where can you buy it?
At Sheabutter Cottage of course ;) The prizes are affordable (I paid £6.46 for 500g of Bentonite Clay), customer service is great and the shipping very quick from the UK to Sweden (I got my order within a few days).

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