My Do: Marley Twists, Again

After I took out my cornrow ponytail I was back to feeling bored and uninspired by my hair. I loved the cornrow hairstyle because it demanded so little of me in terms of styling so I decided to install another protective style. This time I did it myself, revisiting Marley Twists

I prepped my hair by washing and deep conditioning it. When you do install a style that will be in a longer period of time it's best to try to get your hair to best possible health before hand. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my three evening install session. I decided to split it up since I have busy days but after the kids went to bed I spent my evening watching back to back episodes of Project Runway and twisting. 

Not sure how long I will keep this style in. Before it has lasted me about four weeks, but I've removed them partly because I've missed my loose hair. I doubt that will be the case this time, I'm so over my loose hair at the moment. 

After two evenings of twisting I only had the top left to do, disguised it with a bun. 

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