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Last day of cornrows
Exactly two weeks after getting my cornrow ponytail I removed the braids. Partly because they were getting very frizzy, partly because I didn't see any other opportunity in my schedule to remove them. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know I wasn't ready to remove my braids. I really enjoyed the feeling of getting up in the morning without having to think about my hair. But all good things come to an end. 

Curls, curls, curls

So after taking out my braids I comb through it to get all the she's hair out. And there was a lot of shed hair. Then I deep conditioned my hair over night. What shocked me was that during washing and applying leave in conditioner my hair kept on shedding! All and all the amour of shed hair I accumulated during these two weeks with cornrows was the same amount or more of what I usually shed during a month. I wasn't really expecting this even though I know how harmful tight hair styles can be. No wonder women who constantly braid and manipulate their hair into tight hair styles are at risk for traction alopecia. I did see one hair (prior to removing the braids) at my hair line that had been pulled out with the entire root of the hair. I gotta be honest I didn't study my hair in depth after that, but where there's one there's usually more. 

Though I loved this hair style I'm not sure I would get it again after seeing how much hair I shed. 
Bedtime with the cornrows 

Close up

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