A Bald Spot!

When I installed my Marley Twists the other day I made a horrible discovery! When I was making the last part in my hair I found a bald spot! It wasn't very big, about 0,5 cm wide but I was surprised. I knew I shed a lot of hair due to the cornrow ponytail I had previously but I wasn't expecting a bald spot like that. The reason why I got it right there is simple, it was a spot where some of the braids begun and therefore very little hair got put under a lot of stress from being pulled tight by the braiding. This is exactly why some women and men experience traction alopecia. 

Now of course I was very lucky it was such a small spot and I'm quite sure my hair will grow back. But it made me even more aware of how things really can go wrong when hair is braided too tight. 

After I took my cornrows out I experienced a lot of scalp itchiness on the top of my head and around my edges. This reminded me a lot of the itchy feeling I had when I was experiencing post partum shedding after my son was born. I used Lush Roots Hair Treatment as a pre-poo treatment to combat this which actually worked well. No more itchiness. 

Let's see if my bald spot grows back...

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