Edgar Rice Buroughs Tarzan and Jane on Netflix

If I said I'm always aware of what my kids watch I'd be lying, but most of the time I do have some clue. The other day my daughter called a new show on Netflix to my attention by saying "Look mama, she has hair like yours."  Of course I had to find out what she was talking about. I was very happy to see a male character with locs and a female character with curls on the screen. And yes, she did have hair like mine. he show was Tarzan and Jane.


As I think about representation a lot I was happy to see these characters on my kids screen. Since there have been a few curly haired female characters the last couple of years (Home, Annie, Zack & Quack) I was extra happy to see a character with locs who wasn't a villain. As one of my friends pointed out years ago the movie characters with locs are usually villains or drug related. How good the show is I don't know, I didn't watch for more than a minute, but regardless I'm happy to see that my kids have characters that look like them to watch in the shows they like.

Nice bun!

Perfect locs and nice bangs 

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