Healthy Hair Consultation Gift Certificate

Looking for a great gift for someone you love? How about a Hair of Heritage Healthy Hair Consultation Gift Certificate. Give your loved ones the first step towards healthy hair.

The hair consultation is a one on one session where we make a personally designed plan to help the customer take care of their hair. 

This is a perfect gift for a pre-teen or teenager who is just learning how to care for their hair. It's also a great gift for parents who want to really learn how to care for their child's hair. A healthy hair consultation is also suitable for a long time natural who feels like they have figured out the base of their hair care but are stuck. 

Basically this gift is suitable for anyone who wants a personally designed hair care plan. 

The consultation can take place face to face, over Skype or via e-mail. 
Included in the consultation are two follow ups at six months and one year after the initial consultation. During the year after the consultation the customer can contact me for further questions if needed. 

This hair consultation is available in Sweden as well as internationally (via Skype).

Please feel free to contact me for more information! 
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