Behind the Blog: Ads On the Blog

Don't know if this is really a "Behind the blog" post, but anyways...

The blog is closing in on four years old (in April 2015) and countless hours have been spent on researing topics, writing posts, marketing via social media, etc. Thus far I've been extremely picky with which ads I have allowed on the blog, there of almost no ads on the blog. But I've decided to give AdSense (Bloggers own ad gadget) a try. So for six months there will be ads on the blog, and in six months I'll re-evaluate this choice. 

The reason why I'm trying this is because I want to see if I can generate some income this way, blogging is hard work and I've been doing it for free, just want to try the next step. 
I also wanted to see if adding ads would affect the views of the blog in any way. 

This post is just my way of being transparent with my readers. I didn't start the blog to become a famous wealthy blogger, I started it as a way of paying it forward. I hope to continue this way. 

What are your thoughts on ads on blogs? 

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