Top Hair Crushes on Instagram

Since joining Instagram it's become an addiction. I'm struggling to stay on a limit for who to follow, but here are my top five hair crushes on Instagram (yes, it was so difficult to pick, may have to do a part two).
Don't forget to follow the Hair of Heritage Instagram if you don't already!

Love her IG because she posts lots of pics, and her hair is always on point! I mean, do I have to say more? Look at her hair!

Love this IG because it's the account linked to I Love Natural Hair and it's a mixture of owner Carriene, hair care tips/deals as well as curlies Carriene meet in the streets of Cph and beyond. A must follow if you are part of #scandinaturals :)

Actress Teyonah Parris is so beautiful, can't get enough of her! Love seeing her hair styles, often styled by Felicia Leatherwood (who I also follow, but check her out on IG as well! @lovingyourhair).

Started following her recently, gorgeous hair!!

Love how this IG account shows us so many wrap styles I never knew existed.Be sure to follow for head wrap inspiration for bad hair days.

Who are your favorite Instagram naturlaistas? Leave a comment with your top five! 

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