Re-Post: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

This post was originally posted February 2012. 

I have plenty of friends with curly hair, but for some reason getting them to reply to my questions has been a challenge. But I am grateful that the ones who have answered have done so, and that I still have some people to feature on the blog. Now, if you are not my real life friend just send me a e-mail if you want to be featured here. This is not exclusive to my friends. But, right now, it's exclusive to my Swedish neighbors, so sorry everyone in Dk & No reading. I will get to you, I promise.

This time it's ms Di who answers the questions (finally). Di is one of the big reasons why this blog exists, she was the one who gave me the final push to start it (read more about that on the About Page). And she was actually the one who named my baby (the blog, not my actual baby, haha).     
Her 'fro is so big now! :)
Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural? 
Yes, I went all natural two years ago, after relaxing for fifteen.  

Which products do you use on your hair?
• Anita Grant's peppermint babassu shampoo bar & rhassoul mud deep condish treat. 
• Darcy's Botanicals
- Daily cleansing conditioner cream
- Vanilla delight - daily leave in conditioner & curl detangling milk
- Madagascar vanilla styling cream
• Kinky Curly's knot today

What has (if any) been the biggest challenge when having curly hair? 
Really understanding and applying the new knowledge about what it is I've got on my head and what it needs...

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
That after so many years... The pride I feel about celebrating, caring and loving what God and my ancestors gave me. 

What's your favorite hair care product?
It has to be the Darcy's Botanical's curl detangling milk. My hair sings beautiful opera when I put that in it, plus it smells delicious!

Did you have any curly role model growing up?
My Uncle Frank, he had a beautiful afro and I was always told that we had the same hair even though mine was always cut  really short. That always made me feel so proud!!

What's the weirdest questions you ever received in regards to your curls? 
Can't think of any right now but am sure I've heard a few... :) apart from wanting to touch them.

African Queen 
Thank you for answering the questions!
And as special thanks for pushing me towards blogging ;) 

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