Re-Post: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

This post was originally published in November 2013.

If you've followed the blog for a while you know I'm very excited every time I find a new hair blogger in Scandinavia. Well this time I was the one being found. Parina contacted me and asked if she could be featured. Of course! So here's a little bit about Parina and her hair. Don't forget to check out her blog! Thank you for answering the questions Parina!

Three words to describe your hair:
Fun, stubborn and super curly

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural?
Yes. I decided to go natural when a saw a YouTube video of a woman that shared her natural hair journey. She lost all her hair (relaxed) in chemotherapy. When the cancer was cured had her natural hair grown out. It was so beautiful and healthy hair and I got inspired to go natural
Which products do you currently use on your hair?
Various products from Nashi Argan.

What's your favorite hair product?
All products that contains Moroccan oil. 

Where do you shop for products?
Bellbox – I like to walk in to a shop to touch the product and smell it. I have to have the physical contact with the product before I buy it so I don’t shop online.

What has been the biggest challenge (if any) when having curly hair?
Detangling the hair!

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
All the different hairstyles you can do when you learn how to master your hair.
How you describe having naturally curly hair in Sweden where most people have straight hair?
There range of product and hairdressers are minimum. I never wanted straight hair I just relaxed it because it was easier to manage and I didn’t have any knowledge of natural hair.

What's your favorite hair style/preferred way to wear your hair?
Any type of braids. I´m very lazy and I don’t like to my hair in the morning.

Did you have any curly role models growing up? If yes, who?
Unfortunately not

What's the weirdest question you have received in regards to your curls?
If my hair gets wet when I shower.

Instagram: ParinaJ
Facebook: Parina Johansson

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