Re-Post: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

This post was originally published in July 2013. 

Once again I've found another Swedish natural hair blogger, yay! Introducing the Black Hair Care blog:

Three words to describe your hair:
I would describe my hair as thick, black and beautiful haha! 

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural?
Yes! I was around 12 when I first relaxed my hair, but I remember how I always wanted to relax my hair when I was much younger but my mom would never let me. I thank her for that now.

I decided to go natural in January 2012. That's when I did the big chop! My hair was damaged and I just wanted to start a whole new journey with my hair. I realized that not only do I want length, I also wanted thick and healthy hair. So I've been natural for 1 year and 6 months now =)

Which products do you currently use on your hair?
Leave-in: Hydratherma natural daily growth
Conditioner: (Protein) Olive oil replenishing (Moisture) Aubrey organics or Mane n' tail (Moisture)
Detangling my hair: Tresemme natural conditioner
For my edges: Black jamaican castor oil
To seal in the moisture:  Almond oil 

What's your favorite hair product?
Wow, it's a very hard question haha! But I would say (raw 100%) shea butter and my leave-in from Hydratherma naturals, I love them! They are both good products. Sorry I can not pick one! =)

And I also prefer to use products that I have in my kitchen such as Shea butter, eggs, yogurt natural oils etc. I love to put these in my hair for deep hair conditioning treatments. 

Where do you shop for products?
Most of the products I like are not available in Sweden so I buy them from Ebay. Otherwise I buy from (Swedish site) or in an African shop called Peprah Cosmetics in Stockholm (Sweden).

What has been the biggest challenge (if any) when having curly hair?
At the moment I would say that it is hard to find different fitting hairstyles that I like and suit my face. Especially now when my hair is quite short... 

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
I absolutely LOVE my curls and the thickness of the hair. But I love all kinds of hair, relaxed, texlaxed or natural... as long as it's healthy.

How you describe having naturally curly hair in Sweden where most people have straight hair?
I would say that in Sweden people are very open to naturally curly hair. I even feel like people that don't have afro textured hair are the ones who love it more than black people. But lately I'm also seeing that more and more young people are embracing their natural hair which is great. I'm seeing a lot more naturalistas in town nowadays and it's really cool! =)

What's your favorite hair style/preferred way to wear your hair?
I love the twist outs for my hair. I would also like to try the bantu-knots 

Did you have any curly role models growing up? If yes, who?
It's kinda sad but I didn't. I preferred the straight kinda hair when I was younger. I was looking at the girls on the front of the relaxer hair boxes haha and I remember how I always thought their hair was like a dream.  So basically, when I get my own children I will try to buy barbies and dolls with natural hair =)

What's the weirdest question you have received in regards to your curls?
''WOW... can I touch your hair?'' Haha.. I know most people don't really mean anything by it but still.
Well, there are those type of people who as and add that fascinated look. So when they do that I always find myself doing the same. ''Yea, can I touch your hair too?! Wow'' Haha...

Check out the Black Hair Care blog (in Swedish)

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