Giveaway: Sol the Super Hairo

Time for another giveaway! This giveaway is very close to my heart, because I started the blog as a way to pay it forward so little girls wouldn't have to grow up with horrible hair experiences like I did. And this giveaway is for the small children as well. I was contacted by Ishe Hollins while back and she told me about this childrens' book she has published. Not only did she agree to be interviewed by me, but she also agreed to host a giveaway! Details below.

Introduce yourself and what you do. 

My name is Ishe’. I am a Creative Visionary! An Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Natural Hair Ambassador, Author & Mommy! I have dedicated over 18 & ½ years to educating and empowering young girls and women through the Arts. My purpose is to inspire all girls and women to embrace and celebrate their authenticity, creativity, and inner beauty. I was born and raised in the “Sunshine State” of San Diego, CA. I have also lived in Brooklyn, NY.
Starla - Ishe's Mother
How long have you been natural and why did you go natural?
I was raised 100% natural, so I’ve been natural for over 20 yrs! When I was 13 I tried a no lye relaxer, but my hair has always been rebellious, so the perm didn’t take lol. Natural hair is the norm in my family. No one in my immediate family has a perm.

Ishe with sisters Aisha and Sherehe
Tell us about the book and why you wrote it.
The book is entitled Sol the Super Hairo. It’s a story about a little girl named “Sol” who enthusiastically loves her natural hair with no apologies! She knows she’s fly and no one can tell her otherwise lol!
So she’s on a mission to make sure that every child feels the same way and truly knows the value of their own unique natural beauty!

As a mother of a daughter, I know that it is essential to validate and  celebrate a child’s natural beauty. Especially in a time where un-natural beauty has sadly become the norm for young girls. So in essence, my book is really about empowering and inspiring young girls, so that when they do become young women, then grown women, they have a self love that is undeniable!

If you could say something to the child Ishe about her hair, what would you say?
Great question! I would tell the child Ishe’ that her hair is big, full and fluffy because, she was meant to stand out, not blend in!

Where can we find you online?
You can find Sol the Super Hairo on
Contact me via E-mail, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! I’d love to hear from you!


To win a copy of Ishe's book
Sol the Super Hairdo 
Leave a comment below answering the question:
Why is celebrating natural hair important for children?

This giveaway closes July 31st
and is open internationally!
(Yes, you may enter even though you don't have kids) ;)
The winner will be chosen by rabdomly and published here on the blog on August 1st. 

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