My Do: Headwraps

The last two weeks have been crazy busy (sorry for the lack of posts) so I decided to keep it simple as far as my hair goes. Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter know I've been all about headwraps. I saw this video where Laila (FusionofCultures) had wrapped her hair and I loved the wrap style! I love wearing headwraps, but since headwraps aren't common in Sweden I generally choose low key styles. This style was low key enough for me to wear and not draw too much attention to myself (unlike the beehive that gets you all kind of looks and comments). I did get some curious stares and a few confused ones, as well as the girl in the grocery store that asked how I had tied my wrap. :)

The pic of Laila that inspired me
Generally I use cotton scarfs when I do headwraps because I like to wrap my hair with fabric that doesn't stretch. Remember to protect your hair with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet under your wrap if you do use a cotton one. I also like to use rectangular scarfs I just handle them better. Most of my scarfs I buy at H&M or Indiska, the one in the pic is from Pieces (got it on half off sale at Vero Moda and love it!). 

Start by dubbling the scarf lengthwise, this is so your hair or whatever is under the scarf won't be seen through the thin fabric of the scarf. Then put your head upside down an place the middle of the scarf over your head with the middle part at your neck. Make sure both ends are equal length, then twist the ends a little and tie a knot at your forehead. Then stand back up and tuck any free pieces away and make sure your knot is where you want it. At this point your har should be completely covered. The next step is to twist the ends around each other like a two strand twist. When the ends are twisted all the way make a "cinnamon roll" on top of your head by making the twisted ends go from where they start and around themselves so that they are placed on your head (like you were starting to do a Bantu knot). I hope this makes sense!! Then tuck the ends away in the scarf at your nape, voĆ­la! So quick and simple and so cute!

Same style different scarf
Like always you can play around with fabric patterns in your scarf and earrings to complete this look.  

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