30 Day Challenge

So for June I took part of a 30 day challenge on Instagram, the #curlchallenge by @Returnofthecurl2. It was fun, now I've really gotten into Instagramming ;) For July I decided to take upon myself another challenge, this time not as public. As you know I've been a bit lazy with my hair care lately (read my post here) and not always "following the rules". I've been wrapping my hair only about half of the nights, and sleeping with it out and all kinds of mess. Since I don't have a satin pillow case it's really not good hair practice. So for July I've decided to do a 30 day hair wrapping challenge (ok, July has 31 days, so a 31 day challenge). I challenge myself to wrap my hair EVERY NIGHT for the entire month of July, which I hope will reult in me getting into the routine of wrapping my hair again. This challenge means that even when I'm already in bed and too tired to get up to get my bonnet or scarf I'll have to force myself to get up and get it. Let's see if my hair improves during this month, it's been a bit drier and more tangled lately.

As you know I've got plenty of things to wrap my hair with: scarf, 2 bonnets and a sue maesta headband. Wish me luck!

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