Review: Sisay International, pt 1

I was contacted by Sisay International months ago to review their products, so this will be the first of a series of reviews. My main reason for agreeing to review these products was that it's a Euorpean company, based in the Netherlands, which I wanted support. 
My first impression by the products when I had just gotten them wasn't great. I didn't love what I was smelling, though I was excited that I had gotten a lot of different samples. I have not added the list of ingredients because they didn't come one the product samples which I don't like. I like to know what I'm using.

Okra Cleaning Cream 
What I first noticed was that this product was very thick, almost like a pudding. It says it's a cleansing creme, so I was a bit surprised that it lathered as much as it did.A bit hard to distribute in the hair because of the thickness, felt like it "sat" upon the hair. It may be due to the thickness in combination with hair density. Unfortenetly I felt that my scalp didn't feel clean after, which is what I want from a cleanser, but hair felt clean. My hair didn't feel stripped or dry. It smells sweet, almost like Caramel. 

Blow Out Deep Conditioner
This product was watery, it reminded me of a drinkable yogurt which made me skeptical. It didn't have good slip which is important for a good DC. The scent is not powerful, can't even say what it smells like... Nothing really. Left my hair soft and light, more like a conditioner than a DC. Or maybe it works better if you keep it on your hair longer, not sure. I only had a small sample for review so I could only use it once.

Okra Hair Milk
I used it post wash instead of leave in. A little goes a long way. It has semi good slip. Smells good, sweet, with a hint of caramel. It leaves a very perfumey scent when dry. Goes on white which kind of freaked me out, but dries clear. And it dries crunchy, leaving the hair feeling coated. Second day hair very crunchy and dull looking (lacks shine). It didn't work for me at all, too much of a wet dog look. :( 

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