My Do: Simple French Braid On A Diagonal

This week my hair and I have had a falling out. It's been too cold, too windy, too wet, which left my hair frizzy :( And I've been hating it, have fought the urge to cut it off.

So today for my lunch date with a friend I needed to find a simple style, and I did. I did a French braids that started on the right half of my head and ended by my left ear.

As always I sprayed my hair with water and added some leave in and used my fingers to detangle a little. Then I used KC Curling Custard on my edged and braided away. Since I'm so used to doing cornrow style braids, I had to stop and think lots of times to manage to get the braid to not turn into a cornrow. I braided all the way to the end and made kind of a pincurl of the end and pinned it into place with bobby pins. It's far from perfect, but it's an easy style. Works for work or anything very casual.

Earrings from Beautella's Boutique.

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