Hair Crush: Riley

With a face like that...
This cutie has been showing up on my Tumblr TL over and over again, and I have reblogged on the HoH tumblr every time. Her name is Riley, she's a model, and I'm guessing she's around two years old. This adorable little princess has my ovaries yelling at me every time I see her (I can't tell if they are cursing me out or threatening me)! She has the cutest face, and rocks her fro like she's grown. I just had to add her as a Hair Crush!
Love the fohawk!
These pictures are from Christin Shoots People on Tumblr. Be sure to visit this Tumblr, it's filler with beautiful pictures! (I got distracted by them while doing this post and just lingered on the page for way too long oohing and aaahing)
And for more cute pics of this sweetheart, check out her feature in BGLH!

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