A Secret

By the title if this post you've probably guessed it... I have a secret to reveal... Actually it's more of a confession. During fall I started swimming (I have a blog post on this that still remains unpublished) and realized walking out of the swimming place with wet hair was not cool, especially not as it was getting colder. So I went out and bought a blow drier. Yes, "Miss No Heat" on my hair is the owner of a blow drier. And not only that (yes, there is more!) I've been using it weekly since I took my Senegalese Twists out. Why? Because its cold and it takes my hair hours and hours to dry and even though I may be indoors my apartment gets really cold in winter which leaves me forced to walk around with wet hair for hours.

I do use the blow drier sparingly though, always with a diffuser and always with medium heat. I also try to blow dry so my hair is still damp when it's done so it can air dry til it's fully dry. And I use grape seed oil on my ends for heat protection.

Of course this wont continue forever, just until the weather is a bit warmer (I almost typed hot but then I'll be waiting for eternity, I do live in Sweden after all).

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