My Do: Two Strand Twists

I haven't done two strand twist over my whole head in a long time. It's very time consuming to put them in, and even though they can be left in for a while I usually don't like the look and just wear them up anyway. Today I just got the urge to twist my hair, and since I didn't have work it was perfect. I did the twists on a two day old wash and go.
What I used: Spray water bottle, Root2Tip Twurly Butter, Wide tooth comb and Hair clips.
I didn't use a mirror so I just used my fingers to kinda part which turned out ok. Like always when I twist I start out doing bigger twists and the realize I'm making them thinner as I go, lol. I'd say they are small to medium sized, though my plan was to do medium sized ones. I think it took me about 2,5hr to do my whole head (not including breaks) and I don't twist very fast.

I figure I should do more twists to see if I like the look since it's close to locs and I'm still flirting with the idea of locking my hair. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep them in, I'll keep you posted. I amd going to try some new products for maintenance, so you'll have to wait for the deets. But of course I'll spray them with my faithful Afrocenchix Sheen daily and wrap them in my scarf at night. Since my hair is longer now I'll try some new styles if I feel inspired ;) Today I just left them out, which I usually never do when I have twists. The only thing is my bangs, not the best to cut bangs if you like this style, I had to pin my short bangs to the side, because it looks crazy with three short twists, lol.

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