First Impression: Deva Curl Review

So today I decided to try the travel pack from Deva Curl that I bought at Ricky's on Sunday.

I used the One condition in the shower, then I used the Angel Gel and spritzed it with some Set It Free.

So my first impression of these products: I like! The conditioner has a fresh citrus scent which I love, and it felt good going on the hair as well as when rinsing it off.

I have to use them more to really know how I feel for them, but I like them.

These are the pics, my hair is almost dry (still slightly humid at the scalp) and I have this wet look going. Though there's gel in my hair it doesn't feel all stiff and weird. My hair feels good. I'm just not fond of the look, but I'll just try some set it free and shaking my hair out a little and I might feel better about it :)
The curl definition is there as promised, and yeah I guess the lack of frizz too.

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