Loc Updo

Yesterday while shopping I happened to be at the same store as a woman with a gorgeous loc updo similar to this one. It was very well done and looked amazing!
I love how locs can be so versatile and suit so many different people and different lifestyles. Locs do have a bad rep for being dirty or a no-fuss hair do. But if you are in a place like NY there's no denying locs can be very classy.
And of course it got me dreaming about locs. I always said I'd have locs when I grow older, gray locs. But then I see all these pretty loc updos and want to get locs. I do however feel like locs is a bit more work than I can handle right now.... Cause I'd want very neat locs and that means a lot of work.


  1. I thought of getting locs once but then settled for kinky twists. But locs can be very versatile.



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