Ombré - One Year Later

It's been over one year since I decided to color my hair. In July 2015 I did a at home ombré hair color session - bleaching my hair. It was the first time in five years that I had colored my hair.

July 2015
The hardest thing with the color was to deal with the dry hair due to the bleach. After a month or so I could really tell the difference in between the non-bleached hair and the bleached hair. I had to work harder then usual to maintain moisture in my bleached hair with frequent deep conditioners and reapplying leave in conditioner. In other words it was more work.

Sept 2016

But now a little over a year later all that is left of my ombré hair is the tips which I hope to cut off completely by the end of this year. Not because I don't like the color, I just want to work with healthy hair.  I don't regret bleaching my hair at all, it's been fun trying something new (I have had bleached hair before but not like this) . 

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