Review: Snappee

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The first time I saw the infomercial on Snappees I was like "okay, hmm..." not sure what to make of them. But of course I was curious, so when I was asked to do a review I said yes.
The company sent me two packs with three in each of Snappee hair ties. My plan was to try them on myself and my daughter before I wrote this review. My ten year old daughter looked at them and said "My hair is going to get stuck in that button." Yes, she was skeptical. But after seeing me use the hair ties she got curious and started using them herself.

I like the Snappee hair ties, I think the idea of connecting several to make a head band is great, and maybe that would work for box braids or locs too, but I'm not sure since I haven't tried. They are very easy to put on, and I love to use on for my sleep time coconut hair style. But I have to admit, half of the time I forget to unsnapp the hair tie and just take it out as any old hair tie. When I do remember to unsnap it comes out quite easily.

I feel like these are great for kids and teens. It's versatile, comes in fun colors and you can wear it as a bracelet. I'm quite boring and prefer black hair ties only, so if I had them in black I think I would have used them more. Maybe I'll pick some black ones up. I Love Natural Hair carries them so they can easily be bought in Scandinavia which is a big plus. They are also fairly prices, and seem like they will last quite a while.

Now I'm heading to YouTube to see how others feel about them. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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