Throwback Thursday: Ten Years Ago

My daughter turned ten recently. Time flies! And looking back on the pics from when she was a newborn I realized how sad my hair was back then.

This was definitely was wash day. The only time I wore my hair out was the same day it had been washed as I let it air dry. The rest of the week my hair was up in a ponytail or a bun.

This was my go to hair style. A ponytail with a scarf to cover my edges (to hide the frizz). 
Can you tell I didn't love the camera?
Side note: Stay away from this book!

Back then I had no love for my hair. I wanted it to look nice but I had no idea to achieve it. My hair was a part of my body that I didn't understand and was never content with. This was reflected in my self image. I always say I didn't start loving myself fully until the day I started loving my hair, it was the last piece of the puzzle. 

I struggled with products. I think I used Herbal Life shampoo and conditioner. I did use a product which probably was a leave in (can't think of the name) but I used way too little of it for it to really make a difference in my hair. I colored my hair back to back, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. I never deep conditioned my hair. 
Even though it was mistreated it did grow pretty well, but it was always dry and frizzy. We have come a long way my hair and I. 

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