Hair Color Update

It's been a while since I colored (bleached) my hair and I wanted to give an update. I'm still loving my ombré look and am very happy I went through with it.

As expected my hair has been dryer than usual, especially where the hair is bleached. It can be seen and felt. When I run my fingers through a section of my hair it is very easy to feel the difference in hair texture. The bleached ends are more rough to the touch than my non-color treated hair. I haven't seen any difference in the curl pattern though. 

Since my hair is so dry I try to deep conditioning every time I wash. And be generous with leave in conditioner. I follow my regular hair care routine and spirits my hair daily with water. I do re-apply leave in conditioner and an oil to seal in moisture as needed.

Maybe bleaching my hair right when the driest time of year for my hair was about to begin wasn't the best choice. But I'm making it work. I still love the ombré and am happy I did bleach my hair even though it suffers a bit more bra aide of it. 

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