Review: Reparation Leave In Conditioning Cream by Yves Rocher

I actually received this product as a gift from one of the Malmö Naturals Meet Up attendees back in September. For me Yves Rocher is that mail order company that my mom used to get products from when I grew up (read for older white ladies). Turns out that my preconceived notions were so wrong. 

This bottle sat on my shelf for more than a month before I actually looked closer on it. I then realized that the ingredients list was good. I was also pleasantly surprised when I tried it. This is a great leave in, my hair loved it. Even though it's not specifically made for curls, it leaves my curls moisturized and soft. And it lasts well, I only had to reapply here and there sporadically. It does exactly what I want my leave in to do - moisturizes, keeps frizz away, makes my hair soft. 

The texture of it is thick, so not watery or very runny. The only down side is the size of the bottle, I want more. But it did give me a good amount of applications - I believe 5 full ones. With my medium thick, medium long hair I think that's quite good. And a big pro is that it can be bought on the ground. The price is fair 99SEK for 200ml. If you are searching for a good leave in definitely give this one a try. I'm adding this one to my favorites list and I'm stocking up on it asap. This also makes me curious to see which other products Yves Rocher carries that may be great in my hair. 

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