Hair Accessory Obsession - the Shea Box

For those of you that follow the HoH Instagram this obsession may be old news. But I ordered the very exclusive Shea Box by Sheabutter Cottage curated by Gina from Naturalbelle. And the best thing (if you ask me) is that the box came with a pretty fabric bow that doubles as a hair accessory. I love multipurpose things of all kinds so I was really happy with this one. The only downside is that it doesn't match into all my clothes - can I have one in every color, please?

Tied in the back
Works great for days when your edges aren't behaving and with a variety of styles.

Tied in the back with loose hair

The bow
Makes any pony tail or bun look fancy and very cute.
Just tie the head band around your pony tail and make a bow. 

The knot
Simply tie the head band and make knots until only a little of the fabric is loose and then tuck it under or pin it in place with a bobby pin. You can choose to tuck it under in the center as shown in the picture or on one for the sides. 

The big bow
This also works perfect with all kinda of styles, loose hair, bun, pony tail and beyond. Just tie the head band to secure it and then make a bow as big as you possibly can with what's left. 

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