Behind the Blog: Svart Kvinna

It's been a long time since I wrote about anything but hair on the blog. So I thought it was time to share something I am loving right now. Svart Kvinna by Fanna Ndow Norrby

This book started as the Instagram account @Svartkvinna that posts short snippets of events black Swedish women have experienced. The Instagram account grew in a large amount of followers and got a lot of attention in a short amount of time. First Fanna didn't tell anyone that she was behind the account, but eventually did. Now some of the Instagram posts have been turned into a book which is divided into chapters with different topics: På Stan (in town), Skola (school), Kroppen (the body), "Afrika" ("Africa"), etc to mentions few. 
Each chapter has a text written by a different person such as Amira Diallo, Amie Bramme Sey, Alle Eriksson, Yodit Girmay, Tatiana Håkansson, Judith Kiros, Valerie Kyeyune Backström, Tyson Mcvry,  Marilyne Ntumba Mabambu, Bilan Osman, Adam Tensta and Salem Yohannes (writing about hair of course). 

I love this book and think everyone in Sweden should read it. It gives a very honest insight into what it is to be a black woman in Sweden today. It is my story, it's all my sisters' stories; it's our story. It is the book I have been waiting for. If you read Swedish pick up this book today! 
(It'll also make a great Christmas or birthday gift.)

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